A Little Time To Kill

Uri Jefferson's Freakshow - Target Practice
A Little Time To Kill
by Michael Doyle

She had a little time to kill
Among other things
He had a need for a big game thrill
And to find out what tomorrow brings

With a single shot, she found what
She was looking for and it couldn't be bought
There was a trace of blood three sheets to the wind
When the query strikes back, it's no longer a friend

When the hunted hunts the hunter back
Where the screen fails to turn to black
There is the when the heart knows the thrill
Of seeing the truth of the view to the kill

It's a slaughterhouse turned to a real mess
When even the guilty are not left to confess
The protagonist keeps somehow slipping away
Here on this most fateful of days

With the pull of a trigger, it started a war
One that few know what it is for
When we stop listening to the lies in our head
Who knows what dreams there be and which we will be led

(c) April 7, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
A Tale of Seven Sins - Empty Calories Like A Loaded Gun

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