From Hosanna to Crucifixion

Friendship Island - Palm Fronded
From Hosanna to Crucifixion (Palm Sunday 2022)
by Michael Doyle


Passages in sermons find seed in our life
Speaking to us to create peace and take our strife
Stilled hearts help us reach the truth to see
Praying that we might commit to this way of mercy

The Bible is filled with lessons told in story
One of these is that of Easter and its glory
In all of Jesus's suffering to reach resurrection
Each pain inflicted preaches from its infliction

It's ways to see this as an incident of circumstance
But there is nothing to this that was left to chance
All of this is revealed as it is with love annually told
As a matter of events that were waiting and had to unfold

Hosanna calls out as the coming of the Lord in His light
With its full blessings that fill our lives with right
The Book of Mark separates this into a tale of three
Becoming with Jesus's acknowledged triumphant entry

Leafy branches of palms were with honor set quietly down
To prepare the path set upon the dirty, dusty ground
This is the respect that was given the Lord's royalty
Given in that reception that has lived on as legendary

As this holy week proceeded in it unfolding depiction
Sunday's Hosanna became Friday's cries for crucifixion
The lordship of Christ is told to all from far and wide
As these stars of destiny came together to forcefully collide

Stories told of the authority that indwells
As sight is returned to the blindman made whole and well
The faith of a believer is all that it takes
The lesson is easy if your belief does not shake

Trekked on a road filled with humbled anticipation
The approach to Jerusalem is filled with expectation
Especially during Passover in its sacred observation
Ascending as sacrifice offered to the Jewish nation

Lessons in discipleship are found here for me and you
As these followers of Christ did as they were told to do
This is a meticulous witness to the Lord's sovereignty
Each step of this path was taken in humble dignity

Doing as told at Jesus's simple and quiet command
Though the disciples were told that his betrayal was at hand
The talk of His death made them amazed and afraid
As Jesus revealed the plans that the Father had made


What then is the madness of giving one's all
This story of Jesus is all you need to recall
Leading the way to His own crucifixion
Should give us some significant indication

Dying on the cross for the sins of even the Pharisees
Bringing healing by His life's ransom as theology
Laying down His life by accord for you and me
Done by and because of His love and with dignity

While our own professions outweigh our conviction
Falling short of our accountability in full prediction
Of the need for our repentance as it is given
And maybe a bit puzzled as to why we are forgiven

Messes made of life in this holy come-as-you-are
The only conviction needed is following Bethlehem's star
Jesus met and meets each of us as we are found
With a love that is giving and deeply profound

Saving us from the bigger problem of that alienation
From God the Father, as Messiah to all of creation
The same white horse rider of final revelation
He greets each of us in our faithless presentation

Declaring each of us righteous as is understood
Stained with imputation and curing our bad into good
We children of God are clothed in His godly love
Declared sanctified through the lens of Heaven above

The rules of the mansion are suitable for this family
Despite our errors, we push forward in sacred homily
Motivated as the sons and the daughters of God above
Bathed in the righteousness of our Father's love

This favor is not earned but given in fullness of grace
And with a patient smile upon God's faithful face
This then is the justice tempered with undeserved mercy
But paid for in full with the blood of Jesus in clemency

This day must not be allowed to pass us by
Without the praises of Hosanna raised on high
Today is the day for the unknowing to come to know
And through our prayers of redemption, God's love to flow

(c) April 10, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Moto Bazzi - Chapel At Sunset and Palms

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