In the Depth of God’s Love

Breath of Nature -Swan Oceantide
In the Depth of God's Love
(Thoughts on Good Friday 2022)
by Michael Doyle

In the depth of God's love
We're wondered after life's disasters
As we raise our prayers above
And think on the outcome of forever after

True love is held in meditation
Its meaning causes some hesitation
The come and go of so many feelings
Do not touch the meaning of true love's revealing

True love is consistent in its voice
No matter the sin, true love remains His choice
It is an adjective shown in action
As God forgives us all to our gratification

The deeper we love, the greater we sacrifice
This thought lingers on Good Friday and does suffice
To illustrate how God's love is beyond comprehension
And we are undeserving in its mercy and realization

Christ died for the ungodly; we who are sinners
Demonstrating His love for us redemptive beginners
That God as Christ sacrificed His loving divinity
This is the whole of our sacred theology

Powerless and ungodly, God's grace bought our salvation
Shaming the strong, Christ's mercy gave us our station
At the foot of the cross, His enemies became family
Offering the purest love instead of wrath for the unholy

Through the pains He would endure, He chose to forgive
Giving His earthly life that His enemies might live
Through this, humanity gained its blessed reconciliation
As Jesus' sacrifice removed our cursed alienation

Loving the Lord with all of our heart, soul, and mind
The first and greatest commandment that humanity will find
We learned of true love because He loved us first
Only His living waters can quench our thirst

The more we realize God's love, the more we love others
As we approach Good Friday with our sisters and brothers
And as Christ has given us his living sacrifice
What will we answer as like Roman soldiers we roll our dice?

(c) April 15, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Peaceheaven - Sunflower Mixed

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