On the Third Day

La Frontera - Sunrise Lighthouse
On the Third Day
by Michael Doyle

The Holy Spirit brings us power
But we bring tenderness to this hour
Easter then is the pinnacle of glory
As we tell the tale of the resurrection story

God is the business of setting things right
He paid for us our penalty and restored our sight
Through Him we find our way to the good
In this exchanging death for Heaven as we should

I think on this, the Holy Resurrection Day
And my heart fills with joy in knowing His ways
Anchoring my secured hope in Heaven's way
As I journey in life with dragons yet to slay

We who over the truth of our daily pain
Show the promises kept with eternity to gain
Coming back from the grave changes everything
Restoring the ever-present melody we must sing

Each year God gathers us around to hear
That He loves us and keep us in good cheer
He calls us each from death to life
Bringing us more peace, relieving us from strife

We enter into this newness through immersion
Experienced after undergoing our conversion
A conscience choice made emerged in water
To become family joined together under the Father

We are delivered in love and not deceived
By our redemption that we have received
As Christ was raised on the third day
It is in accordance with this good news we say

Every day is an opportunity for reconciliation
Restoring us from the Fall to renew in creation
Each of us are given our much needed redemption
This four part play returns us to restoration

From Genesis Three onward is a tale of redemption
And the folly of man yielding to temptation
This is completed in the blood sacrifice of redemption
As the spotless lamb laid down his life for our restoration

Walking from the tomb into that third day sunrise
The truth we need to know unfolded before our eyes
The death of death has come in the payment made
In these patient promises of God that will not fade

Resurrection power comes into our lives this way
It is up to us to live obediently each passing day
Faith in this is to be most highly praised
The empty tomb is proof that Christ was raised

The point of this all is not so much the cross
For this was temporal and not a true loss
Our heart and eyes should be focused on resurrection
And then, of course, on Jesus's heavenly ascension

The disciples became martyrs for this holy story
Boldly holding to the blessed resurrection's glory
The world in its witness turned the world upside down
As these belonging to Christ shared a message most profound

First fruits in harvest are given in humble gratitude
As Jesus walked His walk teaching us a new attitude
All enemies have been set under heel in subjugation
This is a message given to us in utmost circumspection

In this age, knowledge of God will cover us all
It then must be that as the faithful will recall
Every knee will bow and the every tongue confess
That Jesus is Lord in this most sacred of contests

We know this story ends shining as if in the light
By promises made in the darkness of the world's night
All is finished and the fullness of debt is done
Paid in the full by God's sacrifice in His Son

This then is the truth and we must get it
And once its got, we must never forget it
The eyes of our hearts have been given this sight
By God's power to walk in this light

This precious message is one of final victory
And is the total sum of our perfected theology
The most significant yes given in affirmation
Is the bond between God and man in its confirmation

Let us then be steadfast in our ministry
Revealing this renewal without any mystery
It is our role to be like candles burning in the night
Filling the world's darkness with our holy light

(c) April 17, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Driftwood Presents - Kingdom hearts -Ancient Wounds of A Darkened Heart

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