A Life Lived Publicly

Deer River - Spring 2022 - Happy Just To See You
A Life Lived Publicly
by Michael Doyle

We walk through life briskly
Thinking thoughts ironically
About a life lived publicly
When it cannot be lived privately

There are eyes most everywhere
As the cameras blink and others stare
It only works if we live comfortably
With the feeling we're all family

Comically, we process our secrets
With joked punchlines and no regrets
Life is incomplete and imperfect
There is no time for regrets

We keep on breaking down walls
In between waiting for the calls
Trying our best to breakthrough
To the other side of me and you

There in the honesty and tenderness
Are the moments lived in kindness
When we can forget the need to hide
And all of those things we do for pride

Somewhere between the comedy and confession
There is an authentic profession
Of all the wrongs we know we've done
Learning we'll never be the perfect ones

Silently brooding like The Thinker come to life
We find our peace in the midst of the strife
One bit blending into that proverbial next
Meshing into a life lived as it all connects

Failed sentences seek endings in their pause
Times like these should be against the laws
Too many cycles of contrite deflections
As our thoughts are caught in reflections

Of the echoed chambers of our own minds
All the things we reached for are left behind
There's a weirdness in the too much truth
It's been here since our days of youth

Speaking softly we sort this as if routine
The problem is we've not a clue what it means
Deep thoughts are no one's true foundation
It's the questions not the answers of confrontation

That lead us to the next thing that we'll say
Wishing that maybe we could pray it all away
This group therapy hugs its way into session
Whispers like madmen huddled into concession

That maybe the only way through this is surrender
Finding toughness in learning to be tender
The world offers its love accented in asterisk
Then wonders why we aren't vulnerable enough to risk

Shrouded in the secrets of the word despite
Wishing for one moment to make everything right
Closed eyes open and find that we're all still here
The tears that flow are exceedingly sincere

(c) April 27, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Bamboo 2022 - The Way You Waved Goodbye

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