The Importance of the Word

A Thousand Words -A Good Read and  A Bit of Woods
The Importance of the Word
by Michael Doyle

In this roll of years
Softly past the flowing tears
I think on words sought
To connect the dot-to-dot

The words in mind
I seek and sometimes find
That words are culture
And culture is the we nurture

Slipped into this elasticity
Is a solid sense of complexity
That seals the bond
As thoughts float over distant ponds

Symbolically displayed
Words are thoughts played
Learning sleep is the cousin of death
I mumble this under my breath

Trying my best to refine
What's difficult to define
That without words to be thought
There'd be no thoughts to be sought

Brought to the table that makes up me
And if I did not think, I would not be
Without culture there is not meaning
What then lies behind a community's being?

I don't mean to placidly grumble
But as theories start to crumble
My quest for knowledge begins to thirst
As I ask politely, "(W)hich came first"?

Just as suddenly, it's occurred
In the beginning was the Word
The Word was God, and was God
Now, isn't that odd?

(c) April 30, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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