It’s A Sunday Conversation

House of Prayer - Sunday Afternoon ServicesI II
It's A Sunday Conversation
by Michael Doyle

There's something to give attention
We're all living in the tension
We are not here for entertainment
But we are here for engagement

Filtered in God's holy perception
Standing in worship, giving our reception
It is not the how in which we express it
But it is in how we do address it

It's a Sunday morning conversation
Going on across the best of our nation
Anchored on the Word of God in every way
As we live through our day-to-day

Some of us carry labels in this game
That must change and and not stay the same
Changing our shame into God's good grace
And through God's love that we embrace

We are living on this side of history
Where the evidence is no longer a mystery
When all proof has been clearly seen
Blessed and content as living human beings

When you become too passive
The fallacies we fall for might be massive
Paying a price that is unaffordable
If we do not hold ourselves accountable

In all that we do, God sees you and me
What we do with this tells us who we'll be
We cannot let our fallacies become legacy
But through right intention, we create our history

Let's not sow blessings into corrupt soil
But instead be known for the righteousness we toil
Church life is meant to be Biblical community
And by this to nurture our godly continuity

Let's serve with love to promote durability
A conversation that supports capability
Living prayer in each and every moment
To bring blessings that ease every torment

This amen is meant to flow as we let it be
Just as it should be and we know it could be
Dreaming dreams of tremendous possibility
In this we bring fruit to our godly legacy

(c) May 1, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Frogmore 5.0 2022

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