Dropping the Stones

Mindful Cove - A Bunny Judges On the Rocks
Dropping the Stones of Judgment
by Michael Doyle

Demonstrating the Bible in our living
Let it be seen by what we're giving
Baptism as immersion brings its witness
In how it serves to model our fitness

To stand anew in our public affirmation
It's a way of showing devotion and confirmation
The Bible is the gateway to our salvation
It should be approached with sincere emotion

Like Jesus, we must approach life in humility
The Whispers will say as they feel in brutality
While the language of hate has been and is the way
Of the world, and yet, we all know it is not okay

The differences may seem minute in theology
But those differences change the meaning of ministry
From that of service to ourselves to that of others
It is a change of from ourselves to loving one another

We should just judge these things from the surface
But from the tensions and attentions we embrace
It is the difference from suffering failed eyesight
To the fullness of gaining helpful insight

Our God left his home of heavenly, total perfection
To stoop down to humanity with fullest intention
Of offering redemption to us, one and all
If only we might heed His sincere and loving call

Bringing strength of love truly courageously
Lifting us all up for our good and persuasively
Staying with us in our mistakes until the end
Leaning in as our truest committed friend

Then standing to state, we should sin no more
We have no need to question this and what for
As God proves He accepts us as we truly are
Sometimes not approving but urging us to go far

There is no need to make a spectacle of others
Instead privately encouraging one another
To not all into the parsimony of graven sin
Lifting each other up time and yet again

We are all sinner when pressed under the light
However much it is that we try to get it right
We know this to be true in our every stride
Let's stand in the gap and put away our pride

Finding the grace of our relating
Finding forgiveness and truth deflating
Our ways of putting away self-righteousness
To help each other toward spiritual wellness

In the blessed assurance, let's put down our stones
Knowing the road we travel isn't walked alone
There are echoes of mercy in these whispers of love
As we frame our own witness given from God above

(c) May 15, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Skye Neist Point 2021 - Wandering Alone Deep In Thought

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