The Slow Crawl

La Roseraie - Autumn Fairies
The Slow Crawl
by Michael Doyle

Pushing past the slow crawl of another day
Edged to darkness and I begin to pray
To a god that I feel unsure of
But who has a sense of humor disguised as love

Death is a way out of life's brutality
People like me are cursed with immortality
Undeserving of such mercies as an end
For our failed humanity for which I contend

That there are lessons that I've yet to learn
Somewhere deep inside the pits of this slow burn
The scars that don't show and will never heal
Are those that come to us who deeply feel

Remembering deeply all that we have seen
In this path of becoming authentic in our being
Is it a blessing or its own special curse
To be honest, I don't know which of these is worse

Given heart wherever it is that I may go
I have given mine, long as a river might flow
Two become as one is this magical sort of math
Of the straighter course that was once my path

Out there on the grains of love's true beach
Everything I needed lived within my reach
It was nothing less than a life's changer
When all I loved died and I became a stranger

How I wish I could turn my heart to solid stone
Instead of waking up to finding myself again alone
Staring deep into this twisted sense of maze
All of my thoughts are naught but a misted daze

(c) May 16, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Lovers Leap and Bourbon Street - Heart Like A Maze

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