Stirred Up In Recipe

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Stirred Up In Recipe
by Michael Doyle

It is hard to be ecstatic
About a man who acts erratic
Nor is there a thrill in Bernie's weekend
That gives anyone a reason to pretend

That we have any reason left to be reverent
About just choosing something different
That doesn't and hasn't worked as a solution
It seems still disrespectful of the situation

Either way you look, we stand corrected
No longer willing to be directed
To where truth is stranger than fiction
And things are far worse than their depiction

This may be the first time in history
When the best choices made seem a mystery
We no longer need any sort of conspiracy
As we piss away our republic for democracy

There is too much going on day-to-day
To the point what we can't believe what they say
The outcomes have become quite craven
And the prospects range from grim to graven

All that is left is to laugh at it anyway
While quietly praying that we'll see better days
Even the comedians feel it's down to the wire
While the world around us looks really dire

This is the truth that we all must face
There is not longer anywhere that is a safe place
We've stirred up this recipe for disaster
But when do we work out what it is that we're after?

(c) May 19, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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