Dropping the Wrong Attitude

Alpha Tribe Tomorrow 2022 - The Fat Cats Rock n Rule
Dropping the Wrong Attitude
by Michael Doyle

Taking a deep breath with community
A moment to bring this to reality
Every day lived in our true measure
Living dignified even under pressure

Crossing the valley of well-renown despair
Approaching Gethsemane, the place of where
Beauty and brokenness are joined together
Taking the tired, the worse, and making it better

Those in prayer find others sleeping
In want of favor, God was left weeping
Delivered into sinners' hands, it's come
For this fearless moment in the Kingdom

Waking up to a disorientated reality
That comes on strong as if in viability
There are traitors that we must recognize
Even as we look them straight in the eyes

Jesus surrenders to those whom He is given
Even Judas was loved and and to be forgiven
Malicious agendas are simply cast aside
An act of holy grace despite the wrongness of pride

We drink the cup that God has given us
Living up to these standards just because
This is the way of living in our purity
We stand the test of time for His deity

Jesus is fully God and He is fully man
Able to save us and understand us as He can
Jesus came as sacrifice to reconcile humanity
Bring us believers to our sense of community

Walking face-to-face right up to corruption
In God's plan, this was no disruption
Victory was there deep inside His eyes
Declaring Himself, "I Am", as He defies

The wrongs of the world righted as our friend
As His deity transformed as more than a trend
God loves us no matter how it is that we dress
These are not the matters He is here to address

Lived a life in full knowledge of His destiny
This is the way and meaning of His sacred journey
As must be moved to act as catalyst for the good
Even when knowing, where he was going was understood

Somewhere beyond a deceptive world of feeling
Is the way of knowing and giving loving healing
These are the times for being an example
The differences made will be payment and ample

Fighting not with fists but with prayer
Peeling back the onion of life, layer by layer
Trust falling into the ways of true faith
Walking from the wicked ways and knowing we are safe

Fighting the good fight of pure belief
That transcends into peace beyond all grief
All of the best fights begin on the knees
Recognizing sin for what it is - disease

Lifting our voices up in humbled cry
With the drive or need to question why
This then we should do in our every day
So it is and so be it in our every way

(c) May 22, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Arranmore 2022

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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