In Accordance With His Will

St Catherine's Chapel - Grazed By Heaven

Based on the sermon that I listened to here:

In Accordance With His Will
by Michael Doyle

From my lips, I proclaim your praise
As I do in all of my passing days
Crying out with joy and gladness
Prayer helps me escape this madness

From the great depths of the ocean
To the mountains of my humble devotion
All belongs to God as created by His hand
It is for one such as I to follow His commands

In this world, it is easy to have a hardened heart
It is from these tests, that prayer departs
So often lost in the desert, I stumble and stray
Until I seek again to follow in His holy way

May it be that I learn not to be a stranger
To control my passions and my anger
I would do as I might to be God’s instrument
Studying peace and sowing love as is meant

It is not so much important but to understand
To love more than love as is His purest command
It is my sincere hope that I do not self-deceive
When I believe it is in giving that we best receive

Though I am troubled and stay awake in my night
I ponder my heart until the breaking of morning light
I wish not to live my days in perpetual sorrow
But to do the right things, bringing a bright tomorrow

Though often God’s footsteps are those unseen
We must each rest in reliance as human beings
Humbled in the provision of God’s care and protection
Keeping our eyes sighted toward the right direction

These are my thoughts as I recite the Lord’s prayer
Committing myself again to the greatest care
That all things must be done according to God’s will
For in the end, through His Son, He has paid full bill

(c) May 23, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Summer Trace 2022 - Take Away My Soul

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