A Cry for Uvalde

A Cry for Uvalde
by Michael Doyle

Somewhere beyond a world of feeling
Is the way of knowing healing
These are the times for being an example
The differences made will be ample

Fighting not with fists but with prayer
Peeling back the onion of life, layer by layer
Trust falling into the ways of faith
Walking from wicked ways, not knowing if we're safe

Fight the good fight through actions and belief
That transcends into peace beyond all grief
All of the best fights begin on the knees
Recognizing sin for what it is - a disease

Lifting our voices up in our humbled cry
Without the drive forward; yet we question why
This then we should have sense to do every day
So be it and so it will be done in our every way

They had dreams, favorite songs and lives ahead
Who knew that by going to school, they'd be dead
Before our nation, a community shakes and shatters
Who is to say the blame in these sorts of matters

Hundreds gather in vigils of mass candlelight
Holding hands in mourning, clasped in prayers at night
Twenty-one crosses were silently erected on Thursday
The sorrow that accompanies will be here every single day

For as long as there remains the wounds to be felt
By the hand of Lucifer this tragedy was cruelly dealt
This loss of beautiful souls who stood as a cornerstone
Only to be forced to leave loved ones behind and alone

Their faces and their traces will long be memories
That torture the love and survivor's guilt of families
How does anyone rebuild what was burnt to the ground in moments?
How does anyone survive these gut wrenching torments?

Acabo de enterarme de estat triste noticia
Te acompano en este momento de dolor
Lamento mucho la muerte de los ninos
En este momento tan dificil que estas viviendo,
Sabes que cuentas con mi apoyo

Of Salvador Ramos there were warnings for years
To be bullied and shamed cut up and down into tears
Yet no one lifted a hand to help or used their voice
The fault is his and yet it didn't have to be his choice

(c) May 28, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Garden of Absentia & Memorial - And Somehow They Live On, Even If Only In  Dreams & Prayers

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