Blessed, Broken, and Given

Lemon Trees The Art Between Seasons -When Even the Tardis Has Broken Down  (Waiting On A Friend)
Blessed, Broken, and Given
by Michael Doyle

We live in the era of the offended
While we've forgotten that we're friended
By a friend who teaches in His story
The ways to move past offense into glory

Have a sharp mind in every interrogation
Finding discernment in clear interpretation
Having a thick skin to let the right things in
And keeping those things out that lead to sin

We must, like Jesus, walk with still, soft heart
Never letting our joy and compassion ever depart
These are the lessons by yesterday being same as today
Patterns exist to discern and grow with in every way

Breaking the bread in memory of His resurrection
Giving thanks for these pattern of circumspection
Blessed first, then broken, until we are forgiven
All of this is present in the lived promises given

The more that we give, the more that we get
It's an important lesson that we must never forget
A spiritual blessing is perfection at its best
This is a lesson in life contently put to test

We must become less like the world living outside
And grown more like the God in whom it is we confide
Regaining life through His righteous crucifixion
That saved us all in its sacredness of distinction

Sin is to be punished first, yet the cross is the bridge
Between man's seasons crossing that heartbreak ridge
Betrayals come and go as they do with life's ebb and flow
But if we listen to God, we'll know the direction to go

If you want to know who in your life is truly legit
Pay attention to their actions after they've been hit
Betrayal with a kiss always comes with its share of cost
For 30 pieces of silver, a soul's integrity was lost

It's not the moments but the depths of one's motive
That sets out a life's achievements in their perspective
The disappointments in life teach truth to us all
These are the lessons that we must always recall

Before the rooster crows thrice, we'll break into tears
With all the private tragedies felt in our passing years
Pointed fingers of aggravation have a way of pointing back
We certainly do not need mirror to know what it is we lack

No amount of water will ever wash away our tragic mistakes
Not when it comes to our deepest and greatest heartbreaks
Culture's fickleness takes advantage in its fullest price
This is a matter of certainty and not a roll of the dice

Hatred holds its horrors revealed in their fullest details
That tear at the heart and flesh like a cat-o-nine tails
And still it is that we must pause to gracefully give grace
If it is the ways of God that we truly wish to embrace

Two great commandments exist to help us take down the fence
Of always dying through living lives filled with offense
Stop taking stings personal when these serve a purpose
Allowing motion to bring the end in acceptance and repose

Let us forgive and let go all of the hurts of life
Canceling the debts that double up with our strife
It is the truth that we don't know what it is we do
Yet, forgiveness is the best path for me and you

(c) June 5, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Impact Mental Health - Spotlight On the Broken Arrows of Time

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