Dropping the Label

Deer River Revisited 2022 - The Amazing World of Being Stalked In SL Continues.... (I'm Alive)
Dropping the Label
by Michael Doyle

In every moment, any given moment
Can become the truth of a holy moment
God is with us wherever we are
Whether in a building or under stars

Life may not be fair, but God is faithful
Bringing to our lives all that is wonderful
Yet, still we insist on forgetting to drop it
But when we do, God will prevail and top it

Our God makes His incredible promises
Five thousand of these are proven in their premises
The good book tells this clear and honest story
Of our delivery in the prophecies of His glory

Abraham was made from a man into a great nation
Through choosing the faith to believe in his destination
Fulfilled promises are each reached through process
Though generations may unfold to get full access

On this broken road, we find the content of our hearts
Meandering in paths from which faith never departs
Despite the twin conceptions of their blatant contentions
Each for the birthright of every pressing intention

Half of our lives are spent running from something
Until we face ourselves turning from that nothing
We often wrestle ourselves until light of daybreak
Finding our blessings as we struggle past heartbreaks

Knowing that it's possible to get what all you got
To realize what you felt you needed feels forgot
Wrestling with God to lean in through solitude
We reach for the peace in which discipline exudes

Prayer includes our listening to God's good plan
This is sufficient to quiet the storms in every man
We can't let our crises become the cause of strife
Instead walking in the stillness needed to fulfill our lives

Looking at the righteous stubbornness of Ezekiel
We search to find our truths in the metaphysical
In our houses, we are determined to not lose these fights
Instead moving forward, as if, we are armored knights

Profiting from our problems, we move into the flow
Leaning hard past the circles of constant undertow
Filled by the full surrender found in our devotion
Standing firm in God's blessings past our conditions

We, too often, keep our eyes on those things physical
When the answers we need are more often in the spiritual
When we come to know just who it is that we are
We begin to own ourselves as we reach for the stars

Admission of this is the price of our blessed admission
In which repentance holds the grace of being our concession
And being open to our real selves waiting for our detection
That we might be made righteous in our holy perfection

Facing the world truthfully in all that we come to face
When through the Father and ourselves, we will embrace
Taking our situations on and into being loved and forgiven
It is by these purposes that we must keep true and driven

Like a caterpillar comes to grow its beautiful wings
It takes the needed metamorphosis that faith brings
In this moment, all of God's promises are fulfilled
It is through this faith, our very best becomes revealed

Have the courage to be seen for who you really are
Past the insecurity and fears, you are born a superstar
It is who we are in Christ and by keeping Him primary
We, as children of God, are all part of this holy family

(c) June 12, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Shamatha -  A Study of Leaves

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