Galatian Credibility

The Pond - In God We Trust
Galatian Credibility
by Michael Doyle

In our leadership and our ability
To lead is limited to our credibility
This is something important to know
If we are are to keep our ability to grow

Called to lead in our capacity
Called to display this sensibility
Integrity is the all of our everything
Competent to teach or less than nothing

Courage is needed in our seasons
To apply in our lives in its full reason
Competent in our compassion and empathy
It stretches beyond inspired sympathy

Instead taking commitment, dedicated to inspire
And to lead by example that will never tire
As fathers, it is we who much lead
But it is for all to live in purpose and deed

As a church, we join together as we pray
And ensure our deeds match what we say
As ambassadors to what it is that Heaven sends
Like missionaries of love, family, and as friends

Bringing heaven to earth takes credibility
There are things to be done to best of ability
By living our faith and doing our very best
We live prepared for life's every test

In Galatians, we turn again to our very roots
To see how each lesson teaches and contributes
In facing all obstacles that come our way
And then disappear before the Lord as we live every day

There are no second rate apostles, the Bible teaches
The lessons needed and remaining within our reaches
There is no reason to hold ourselves back
God will provide the words that we might lack

Turning our eyes toward the Lord's good ways
Committed to read the good book applied in in our days
These things will help us to learn and understand
And then do these things our God commands

(c) June 19, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Astoria - In the Peace of Being Trusted

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