Scaling the New Heights of the Dawn Wall

The Forgotten Gardens - Fogbound Hues
(Scaling the New Heights of the) Dawn Wall
by Michael Doyle

In the dawn of winter
We scaled the face of the wall
Learning to never pause in winter
We rose above Yosemite's fall

Capturing the dreams of our own story
Finding the way through until the glory
In our children we find our every reason
For every purpose and in every season

Step off the ground into the flow state
Where there's no time for the second rate
Every climb requires its own mutuality
And so it is with every bit of rationality

There is no coming down unless we fail
Depressurized be it snow or in frozen hail
Struggling to link patches in preparation
Even without knowing the exact destination

The chance that we have to take
Requires the choices that we can't fake
It's the hardships that build our fortitude
And that acts in life to bring right attitude

With every muscle burning
There are lessons to be learning
Ones to be looked back on with pride
This is the learning of taking life in stride

Bridging the gap of ambition to ability
Can take the very best of capability
But the deliverance through the journey
Reinvents life on the way to our destiny

Tectonic shifts that we must embrace
Are the transformations that must take place
The achievements there are yet to be had
Making a woman from a girl, and man into a dad

Baby steps that are needed to be taken
Step-by-step, these are never shaken
But we must live life to its fullest extent
Live life filled with notions of right intent

Sure there are moments of living doubt
Days filled with wonder of what it's about
The silence and the thoughts that fill our heads
These bring the successes lived until we are dead

(c) June 23, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Lost Dreams 2022 - Sharing A Hoot With A Friend

Dedicated to my 13-year-old daughter. May she never stumble without me being there to catch her fall. She and her sister are my everything.

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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