Changing the Narrative

Autumn  Dreams -To Dream of Ours Being A Never Ending Story
Changing the Narrative
by Michael Doyle

It's the heart of the matter
To stand firm and not shatter
From the first heart's beat
We are born to find our feet

To save a life, we do as we can
Listening gently offering our hand
Made in the likeness, we advocate
Loving well instead of leaving to fate

From generation to generation, we pass on
The inheritance of our fathers, until we're gone
Living life through the firm tickles
As the foundation of getting us out of pickles

Broken as we are, we pursue the ends of truth
Keeping our eyes focused from our youth
Being careful of whom we share our dreams
Even a coat of many colors comes apart at the seams

Staying the course will get us down the road
Keeping our faith as the game of life unfolds
Sharing the blessings that have come before
With the spirit of an eagle, until our souls soar

Each of us is tasked with our responsibility
To take care of the fullness of our family
Let the eyes of the faithful wake to see
All the possibilities that might yet be

In these moments, spent quiet and reflective
Let's pray to find the even better perspective
Waking to the fullness of our crystal vision
Let's renew the hopes of our lives' mission

When things don't work, we need to find change
Giving up the old to receive the new and strange
Learning needed lessons to find this in the new
Maybe the best of grace find the feel of more true

Obsessing over things that are out of our control
We bring unneeded troubles to curse our souls
When we need to find ourselves to becoming capable
We need to work out that our hands remain able

To break the generational curse is a matter of choice
It remains so in our decision when spoken in our voice
Rallying strength to do as we've known that we must
To make the needed changes and live life in deep trust

Bringing blessings to each new founded generation
Living the love needed by those who hold us in veneration
All of our struggles find healing in our hands
And are best lived in accordance with God's good plans

Let those who have ears, take a chance and hear
Leaving false doubt and walking without fear
Changing our ways to do things a bit different
Keeping things humble and living more reverent

(c) June 26, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Nature Collective at SL19B

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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