On Being the G.O.A.T….

Daydream by Cica Ghost - Taking the Goat By the Horns
On Being the G.O.A.T....
by Michael Doyle

How to be the greatest of all time
Is to go beyond that easy rhyme
And move past our selfish nature
Growing in the Lord and becoming mature

Standing in life judging one another
Debating who is best among all others
The first must be last to be the best
This then is the answer to that contest

Passover's last supper was one held late
As Jesus washed disciples' feet, knowing his fate
Life then is to be lived in service to all
It is our honor and duty to ever recall

Setting the example for us to follow
To do what has been shown as the flow
In all of life that comes to greet
It begins with the willingness to wash another's feet

The journey of life is not about being the latest
And self-adulation does not make you the greatest
Understanding this is its own healing moment
When a mustard seed's faith rids you of this torment

In allowing God to work His works through us all
And keeping His word in our good and ready recall
True greatness is achieved through true humility
It is by giving up false titles that we reach nobility

Denying ourselves to take up the cause of the cross
And accepting that servant leadership is victory not loss
Take the crucifixion meant to cause full humiliation
By taking one's very breath into life's final suffocation

Learning that to gain our highest place of latitude
We must become obedient to death in our best attitude
Indeed to become the greatest of all time
We must acknowledge this truth in our rhymes

Agree with each other
Always loving one another
Forget yourself and lend the needed hand
In doing this, you fully, finally understand

(c) July 3, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Downtown Indianapolis -  Victory Over Death

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