Dreams and Voices

Music of the Butterfly
Dreams and Voices
by Michael Doyle

The real truth revealed in the night
Revels in its parts brought to light
Even those that sear and hurt
Bringing the mind in focus, fully alert

Pretending to give an ounce of care
About all the divisiveness laid bare
It is the little details that hurt and harm
Haunting us each as life loses its charm

All the wrong decisions played out
Again and again, until we have no doubt
Things might have turned out different
Had we maybe been just a bit more reverent

Instead it is that we cannot hide
From all the hidden secrets we've locked inside
Sometimes it turns out our essence is a lie
And when it is, what then can provide alibis?

We underestimate the world we've made
And in doing so get left in the shade
Of out thinking the thoughtless and crass
And laugh at life headed off at the pass

What's left when life has lost its play
And all that's left is hunter and prey
It's pointless to have saviors who self-annoint
Legends in their minds tend to only disappoint

Shedding our skins through the devices we make
If we had never had faith we'd not be fake
What is a person but a collection of choices
We are only as real as heard in these voices

That speak for and from somewhere deep inside
Where facades of worth are no longer supplied
There is a special kind of freedom in being this lost
We can only hope that in the end it's worth the cost

(c) July 6, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Pond - Tiny Dancer

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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