Road Tripping

{PAPPADO},- Anchored In the Sunrise
Road Tripping
by Michael Doyle

In a long history of driving places
Filled with love and smiling faces
We took it up to a whole new level
Where boredom was the only Devil

It's all in about that sort of journey
On our way to the edges of eternity
In which every moment is worthwhile
When it leas to that endless smile

Let this then be our biggest motivation
As we reach out with hope for destination
We change the world in our standing apart
Measured by the goodness in our hearts

Measured mainly by our sending capacity
Giving out God's love to our capability
Always on to the next best excitement
This then is our brand of incitement

Drinking as we do from the well at noon
Conflicts of our own making can resolve soon
If only we would let in the love we receive
The world would fade away unable to deceive

We may feel as though we do not have to go to
Or on the paths that lead through Samaria
But if we are to do what we must best do
We'll have to tread through some areas

Setting examples as we walk each day
Letting our choices reflect God's way
Always kept in mind the delicate grace
In which we are born to each embrace

Living waters shared in circumspection
Each day on the way to living our destination
Loaded conversations filled with love's embrace
We share the faith of promises taken on their face

What then are the tools that will be needed
To make the case for what is most surely pleaded
Sharing the truth of Jesus while we're together
Let each of us make the journey to find the better

No more hiding under the veil of broken shame
We must instead truly come to live without blame
Replenishing as living containers filled with soul
We learn to walk lighter and with the Lord to console

We have never been loved like this in days before
Leaning in now to know all is one and nothing more
And that managed shame is the weight we carry
While shared grace out lives what it is that we bury

Goodness and mercy shines through from the Lord
There is no more need for shield or the sword
We are each loved despite of our worst flaws
Each of us held blameless despite the laws

The rocks in the mountain and water in the ocean
Are equal in weight before our final destination
As too, no sin is lesser nor any held as greater
All is revealed before we share our final Seder

Concept without context is no kind of a breakthrough
It's the hard work that we must always find and do
Lifted eyes find the harvest we have yet to yield
Comes best from the inside and not always from field

Knowing the care of broken persons is no easy thing
We must face it by bringing our best game we can bring
Telling our best version of the story in its narrative
The harvest is the hardest in its true declarative

For here in America, the nation has lost its very soul
And the mission field is home to be taken on as our role
Bringing back the truth needed in our living testimony
Making believers out of the existing shreds of parsimony

The truth of Jesus is not looking to loudly weigh in
It is God knocking and looking for His loving way in
Into the giving and showing the justice of hope and love
That can bring to Earth the ways of Heaven above

Let it be the prayer given in reflected contemplation
That is mostly the ways of Jesus in their detection
As we go outside the comfort zones of our preference
This then is the holiness of the must-have experience

(c) July 10, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Tarinfell - A New Era  - Stting By the Dock of the Bay

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