Recovering the Way To Self

The Ultimate Steam Punk Hat at SL19B
Recovering the Way To Self
by Michael Doyle

Coming back from catastrophe
Takes the best of you and me
Still you must move toward
This attitude to move forward

In overcoming adversity
This is the challenge for you and me
Dramatic changes come and go
This is the path of life's flow

Life's changing moments happen fast
Let's be grateful for things that last
Having the character to walk the walk
Takes more than fast and loose talk

Tenacity is needed to keep going on
A you become aware of being no longer strong
No person is truly a superman
But we mere mortals do the best that we can

Sometimes stuck in moments of weakness
Even when the odds are not in favor, do not speak this
But keep focused on the dreams and the goals
This is what's necessary and good for the soul

True success is in the love you share and live
It's not what you take but in what you give
Always give your one hundred to everything
No matter how little, it's what you can bring

In the ebbs and flows of life taken at length
These are the spaces where you find true strength
Everyone is going through something, even if unseen
It's just the walk of being a human being

Fight the good fight while keeping a positive attitude
Whatever the obstacle, it gives the proper latitude
Keeping good people around you in your extended family
And will help you keep toward the best you can be

Keep the ambitions as you know that you truly must
Living life with love and knowing that you can trust
These are the steps that must be taken
Whatever comes in life, you must never be shaken

Always remember to be your best self
It's the best you can be and nobody else
Recovery is a journey of full transformation
It's the path back based on your best information

(c) July 13, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Piaynemo - Raja Ampa - Canoe Reflections

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