Too Much Drama

New York, New York - Hall of Justice -After The Curtain Falls, .. There Is Still Love
Too Much Drama
by Michael Doyle

There's too much drama everywhere
On every screen we stop and stare
TikTok, Instagram, and even on Zoom
All around us is nothing but doom

Forced focus gives nothing but opportunity
To live life as if it's only catastrophe
At every switch, we reach out in identity
Long let go of along with true reality

Pandemic, mental-health, and racial violence
Forced focus or a matter of coincidence
The events pile up rendering their experience
It seems advisable to look away in preference

Confessional writing splits the hairs of style
No longer smiling but unable to live out denial
Body work written in intimate sets of details
Blood is drawn by the writer's ten inch nails

The confessions are torrid in their creativity
That paint a portrait of lucid moments of reality
Writing brings us to accept that which is rational
And reveals the truth of all that is relational

The author puzzles the darkness often inviting
Struggling over sequences that blend in writing
Digesting the usefulness of the nuts and bolts in sequence
That bring together a tale fashioned in this technique

Rather the story told is one's own or another's tale
Does it really matter as long as it is told veil by veil
The creative sparks unleashes the hope it might liberate
All those thoughts and feelings that sometimes invigorate

(c) July 14, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Fantasy Greece

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