First Principles: The Highest State of Liberty Subjects Us to the Law of Nature and the Government of God

“It is our duty to endeavor always to promote the general good; to do to all as we would be willing to be done by were we in their circumstances; to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God. These are some of the laws of nature which every man in the world is bound to observe, and which whoever violates exposes himself to the resentment of mankind, the lashes of his own conscience, and the judgment of Heaven. This plainly shows that the highest state of liberty subjects us to the law of nature and the government of God.” – Samuel West, On the Right to Rebel Against Governors, 1776

The photo attached to this quote is suspect. The sentiment expressed is not. The “Election Sermon” was preached to the Council and House Of Representatives of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on May 29, 1776 and is included in the The Pulpit of the American Revolution. The sermon can be found at the following linked material that also includes a link to the book: Samuel West election sermon (

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