Living At Our Recall

St Catherine's Chapel - Grazed By Heaven
Living At Our Recall
by Michael Doyle

All around the world of praise
The hands of glory lift and raise
Souls filled with challenges met
Have no time or need for regret

Serving our part in the glory
Doing our best to live by the story
In looking like Jesus in our journey
Doing what it takes takes to serve free

Received as savior in our walk
Living against the resistance without balk
But in acceptance of the endless trials
These are best met with firm smiles

No one hit wonders but standing that test
Convenience is nice but we're at our best
When we take up the cross in obedience
To the Lord who gave His all without lenience

Beware the Devil who lives as our adversary
Who along with the world can be quite contrary
Refusing to yield to our fleshly needs
When we need grace to overcome the life we lead

The one commonality in all of our problems
Is not so much the multiplicity of sins
But ourselves met in the mirror so clearly
As the center of all is our own duplicity

This self is where the restoration begins
And our own owning up is when repentance wins
It isn't the dreams but the dreamer who decides
In this life, there are no truly free rides

Too often, we give away to living in fear
Instead of awareness of the need to persevere
Living as a Christian will be no stranger
To this world that has its fill of danger

There will be pressure points felt
But the ace in our hole beats any hand dealt
Live what we profess to rise above
Sanctified in the freedom of God's faith and love

Living not by our kinds of banners
But living life as a display of manners
Remembering that God is above us all
And keeping this knowledge at our recall

(c) July 24, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
DayDream Believer - Chilling With My One

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