Never Give Up

A poem written dedicated to my daughters in conjunction with the last class in a series on building resilience in life and to encourage them to chase their dreams always!

80Days - Krayentanz - Blue Heron Above the Reeds
Never Give Up
by Michael Doyle

Life like a Rembrandt painting
Is meant to be lived with flair
Perhaps more bedeviling than sainting
Willing to be more bold even as the world stares

Unafraid to live up to expectations
Being unafraid to give one's full dedication
Giving sacrifices as needed to be given
Doing first then asking to be forgiven

If needed to be but live as if you mean
To be the very best of a special human being
Looking up into the stars unafraid to give
Doing one's best to be live all the life you have to live

Believe in yourself in all that you do
Chase after your dreams to make them come true
And know that your father believed in you
Always wanting the best in all that you do

Daring to give yourself in full dedication
To learn the best given in your education
Learning friend from foe in every way to know
That all of this will help you to fully grow

Know the waters that you must swim
Keep your light shining never to grow dim
Give your mind and heart in full inspiration
To accomplish all you can in complete dedication

Keep after these dreams inside your soul
Knowing there is only so much in your control
Always resolving to learn what you can learn
And always living the best life you can earn

Not all of your life will bring you a thrill
It's in those challenging times, you'll live by will
Letting nothing happen to lose to distraction
Living life to the fullest and with fascination

Believe that you can and you'll make it to shore
And then the same you keep going back for more
Let your example be one that passes the test
To help inspire others to be their very best

This is the magic felt with its special grace
The ambition needed to be felt in its trace
Never give up any sense of your inspiration
But live your life in its fullest dedication

Stay at the corner of free will and grace
This will take you through all you will face
Let each moment never manage to stop your flow
In the majesty of billion stars that glow

Push yourself strong with purest emotion
Giving your all in each moment's devotion
One day you'll look back on all that you've done
Knowing inside yourself, you've shown that you're the one

And then...having lived all that you can
You'll have been the best of being the woman
That I know that you will grow to be
And on that day, take a moment to remember me

In the end, it's the friends we've made
And the stories we've told in the shade
That will matter most as you'll relive
The times you never gave up in the life you will live

Seize the days as you will chase your dreams
Don't be afraid to be out your craziest schemes
The longest journey begins there at its start
Open up these avenues and always.. follow your heart

(c) July 26, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
80Days - Krayentanz - Peace In the Valley

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