Tech Resistance

Vintage Computer Museum
Tech Resistance
by Michael Doyle

Technology seems to hate me
I know it by its glow
Like a worn button toggled
The Hell of it begins to show

Machines and things are against us
I know this for certain, just because
Some may say life is getting easier
I say it just spins by a little breezier

In every close sort of way
Technology grows very day
Too close for comfort as it integrates
E-gads! We suffer self-inflicted fates

Phones that spontaneously reboot
Computer crashes that contribute
To the unsaved changes
And bugs in code that rearrange

I don't want to be an incessant raver
But is it really a time saver
When it becomes a struggle for domination
Short of a battery failure; it's a senseless fascination

In recording our lives, instead of living
Maybe our grandchildren will be more forgiving
Then the nostalgic moments that linger
When our HD experience is always under finger

We have become ungrateful in this competition
It's an endless race run for meager reputation
Fanboys and fangirls rave for the backwards compatible
Sucking it up in what seems the readily contemptible

And while you'd think we'd not become this lazy
Thinking tech would make us smarter was maybe crazy
It's certainly given us more time to spend and think
But instead we use this time to vegetate and drink

(c) July 28, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
SR Redemption  - Holo Computer Bank

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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