Circling Around Symmetry

80Days - Krayentanz
Circling Around Symmetry
by Michael Doyle

Like a wanderer of lost moments
I find myself with ghosts in memory
Circling around the torments
To sharpened to find the symmetry

Needed to find balance in the crawl out
In the long kiss good night
In a gathering of kings filled with doubts
Fool's gold shines maybe a bit too bright

I fear the unbreakable siren's calling
Overheard as I feel myself falling
Tumbling into the depths that are churning
With the lessons I keep relearning

There in conversations edited for clarity
Are the thoughts expressed in their sincerity
In a world that needs to keep turning steadily
An improvisation expresses itself readily

A story based on child's play becomes reprieve
From the symptomatic isolation we seek to relieve
What is it that we keep seeking to maybe find
Is it ourselves that we wish to leave behind?

Like delicate balloons seeking a sense of community
Innocent in the exchange, yet hoping for that reality
In the first contact there is an air of odd tension
While we turn to the other looking for our attention

A strain of cynicism seeps from two years isolation
No longer certain of any pretense of our destination
Being known, hopelessly shown, with our covers blown
Touching on the edges we come to learn how we have grown

Counting the steps of each such otherwise minor moment
We awaken to the magic but also to the strained torment
Revealed as they are in the deep truths of vulnerability
Repressed emotions seek to engage without the capability

(c) July 30, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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