Scrambling On God’s Path

La Vallée - Lighted Archway On A Cobblestone Path
Scrambling On God's Path
by Michael Doyle

It was a Sunday morning scramble
When with his words at a ramble
The minister began to tell his tale
Hoping somehow the truth will prevail

Hoping to bring his congregation
Closer to the heart of God in aggregation
God's grace is rich with its mercy
To suggest anything else is heresy

Making a field of dreams from a hay field
To find the message he wanted to yield
Daniel was chosen to be a shining example
Of a man whose character proved ample

In Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar was a king
Seeking the truth to always bring
The best of truth along the way
Daniel chose God's words for his truth to say

God of gods and revealer of all mystery
In this tale are the seeds of humility
There's enough faith to believe in "but if not"
It's a moral imperative to never be forgot

Pulling miracles out of the proverbial nowhere
In aspiration to keep hope and belief clear
Like Daniel in the furnace, faith will not burn
And from this there are many lessons to discern

Failing to honor God brings us to something less
Brought into our lives by choosing to be careless
Pride comes before the fall of that unholy trinity
Of me, myself, and I; it's the way of all history

Each of us has a divine calling to reach for and fulfill
We find it's best when we serve that which is God's will
It's the kernels of truth revealed in conversation
That will bring us forward to our final destination

Stopping at the crossroads to take a look around
It's where are dreams are yet to be truly found
Putting our feet to the path of this long journey
One step at a time will bring us our best destiny

The true God brings us toward worship of Jesus
Instead of allowing us to do for us whatever pleases
Digging into knowing the truths of our limitations
And asking for help instead of dwelling in lamentations

(c) July 31, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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