On the Importance of Free Speech On Campus

Burgundy In Blood - School Daze At the University
On the Importance of Free Speech On Campus
by Michael Doyle

Odd isn't it? In a world seeking diversity
So many try to suppress free speech at the university
This defeats the purpose of this being a nursery
For the ideas and speech that are completely necessary

Hosted debates can serve to bring new thoughts to mind
This is the way society is best not ever left behind
There is so much to be said and sometimes to remind
That society has so many things to which we cannot be blind

Civil rights should not be predicated on the color of skin
When we bring this back to color, we lose freedoms again
There is no part of life that is less sacred than another
It is a seamless garment in which we are all sisters and brothers

Free thought and speech are to always be protected
As the Bill of Rights was established and it is recommended
That each of us always keeps this in our hearts and minds
And fight for what's right or all of this will be left behind

(c) August 1, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Haunted Places and Scarecrows At Prophetstown State Park - Bart II 10112020

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