To Believe and To Receive

Arranmore 2022

To Believe and To Receive
by Michael Doyle

Having no fear as fishers of men
Walking us back from too much sin
Spiritual truth to wrap ourselves around
Whatever the situations in which we’re found

God waits to make our lives be the best
The price of admission is a simple test
Will you surrender the reins to learn to thrive
As we succeed beyond merely being alive

On this rock the church is as it is built
On the ways of faith beyond what’s felt
In a recognition of what must truly be
In the Bible-based sense of philosophy

Amplified in the message to be heard
In all these things as it has been inferred
Working hard as fast we can work our nets
Weary as we are we must never ever forget

That there is a harvest still yet to be had
Repenting as we do away from the bad
Sinners we are yet seeking to be good
We do our best to follow what’s understood

Jesus is aware we fall short and yet He loves
Preaching the message from heaven above
Covering our transgressions as if blotted out
Keep this faith and with it remove all doubt

(c) July 31, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Burn2 Caravansary - Believe Relived

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