Life Out of Balance

Impact Mental Health - A Compulsion In the Delicate Balance of Bonsai
Life Out of Balance
by Michael Doyle

The specter of death springs forth with its talons
As we seek to live lives far too far out balance
Certain as we can be with any semblance of certitude
That we are striving to have just the right attitude

Rush upon rush and still life isn't fast enough
The wild card joker plays out the hangman's bluff
Filled with words that feel familiar despite being strange
Maybe it's the truth of tale as life rearranges

Let's consider then what is that provides the seeds
That spurs us on and forward to meet our seeming needs
At the neglect of the real love of God that we understand
As we try to keep up in a life lived out of our hands

We are all over the place in these haunted living years
One moment elated and then instead we find next our tears
The search for the essential seems bleak however necessary
Every moment's breath burns searing lungs to the contrary

Spending our time on bended knee, seeking our sins to discharge
The guilt felt about the time seeking God and hoping for recharge
Factoring in all that is urgent for the balance to keep alive
Hoping to reach our zenith and rise above that we may yet thrive

It's hard for the Godly to survive in the heart of this cold city
Killers take death by gun or hate, without any sense of pity
The penalty is paid with every sigh when at any turn we might die
Seeking our life into balance, we push forward questioning why

Somewhere in the cold ether of the public relations buzz
We come to believe that every sermon is written just for us
Learning the hard way, we find belief is a relationship
And realizing within a moment's too late in our daily worship

That is balance that keeps the wheel of life spinning around
And that to ride without kinked tire we know it must be found
That God requires us to breath in as much as to world turned out
There into the bag of mixed emotions we exhale and yet still doubt

(c) August 8, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Existence In BBalance  - Balance of Gold Dust Optimism

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