Hiding From Sins

Glow - Lyric and I At A Winter Show
Hiding From Sins
by Michael Doyle

Across a desert filled with mortality
A lonely creature seeks its immortality
Above the canyon and ridden on the ridge
Death itself holds its own bridge

Questions run vast in seeking reality
Monsters of a kind collide eventually
In an attempt to cross into the new
While holding the old, still in view

Is this destructive battle inevitable
To know beyond pain of what we're capable
Bled to the quickening of our hearts
We'd be a new thing before our life departs

Chased questions take our last breath
On this journey that feels like death
Interests align, that is, until they're not
As legends unfold about things best forgot

With a shed of the peeled thin disguise
Is the truth, opening before our eyes
Fitting isn't it, that in the end
The day will come when death is friend?

There in the valley beyond our lies
Is the journey for that which never dies
Cyborg, robot, or something beyond humanity
What comes next is will be our new reality

New souls formed in the forge of creativity
When control's ambition exceeds old reality
Mankind's undoing is somehow encrypted within
The walls that we form in hiding from our sins

(c) August 17, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Cohiba Cove Scuba Sim -Forgotten Gate at  Kelpfforest

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