The Problem With Social Justice

Ravenport Reclaimed 2022 - Monomyth: Earth Day 2022
The Problem With Social Justice
by Michael Doyle

Look at this street full of fools
Who believe that they are heaven sent
They act just like a bunch of tools
Yelling at others that they need to repent

Each thinking themselves true activists
Urging the rest of the world to repent
They don't realize they're only reactivists
Who could do more with time better spent

Such false gods do not create real equity
This requires tolerance and patience
This is the stuff of freedom and liberty
Not hellish hounds forcing others to repent

Fire and brimstone language defy the odds
Isn't it salient to declare apostasy
When political idols have become as gods
Active hate does not blend toward community

We don't need this coddling of heart and mind
Nor is it useful to promote this sort of mindset
These outbreaks of collective effervescence find
Themselves forgetting lessons not meant to forget

We have become unchallenged creatures of habit
Categorized by algorithms and echoed in catechism
This then is not the ways of true freedom, dagnabbit
Differences in opinion are fine as ways of expression

This is not a battle of good versus evil taking sides
Whispers the wise observer watching battle lines form
There is merit to be found in what each soul confides
And active listening was something we sought as norm

Now in echo chambers that countenance no difference
Politics for the masses has become its amphetamines 
The church of social justice knows little of reverence
Preferring its truth told in spiteful flares of memes

There is no grand insight in playing toward shame
There is not gain or right in excluding each other
Life is meant to played gentle and kept in frame
Not in bashing or in crushing the souls of one another

There is little that is sacred in these priestly classes
Where hate is preached for thinking things differently
When younger I fought for a better world not ashes
All life is still sacred and should be held reverently

And while the internet purposefully excludes dissent
Suppressing different views as a matter of choice
If you ask me this is something hell bent
When people live to silence different voices

(c) August 18, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Burnfest At Night -Primsal Burn To Ashes

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