Ways of the Flesh

Laps de Reves -  Stag, Party of One...
Ways of the Flesh
by Michael Doyle

There is nothing wrong with desire under subjugation
Healthy appetites are not cursed with God's rejection
It is when these things spiral out of all control
That these become harmful and damaging to the soul

As to superstitious sins that have become idolatry
These have a magical allure with a sense of sorcery
These things that stand between, however odd
Heavenly hope for ourselves and the presence of God

Lost within the actions of overt and cold hostility
However, this flesh craves, even if only covertly
There are so many different gods that live in our life
Taking us further from peace, headfirst into strife

There then are the social sins that become enmity
That is turning other people into our enemy
Serve as our undoing in live our lives of petty jealousy
Shred in the self-interests of our all too-human-history

Dissension and envy pushed by the pettiness of false desire
Are not the same as setting self-goals and having the fire
God has breathed to create those things as are needed
The difference between the two must always be heeded

These things accomplished do not mean we are perfect
When we avoid these and yet seek to live life correct
We will always remain creatures of perfect imperfection,
With tendencies that pull us yelling in the wrong direction

Weakness and fragility, then, are the human condition
And yet we remain forgiven through the cross's rendition
We are cleared from the wages of our craven living sin
No matter how many times we must yet begin again

(c) August 22, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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