Passing It Down

Lavender Bay - Lavender Fields
Passing It Down
by Michael Doyle

Passing it down to the next generation
Hoping it might be held in veneration
Sharing openly our ways of instruction
In hopes that they would avoid destruction

From child to child this is taught
To do as we should and not as we naught
Handed down from mouth to mouth
Across all lands from north to south

The word of God is found in these pages
To provide guidance and the wisdom of sages
The truth will be given obediently
That these things shall yet set us free

All these accounts given us in testimony
Are to teach us the best, delivered from acrimony
This is perhaps our greatest responsibility
For which we all have the deepest accountability

This lifting up is our best and truest story
To be shared in keeping in God's good glory
These instructions are to keep children from tripping up
So that they might sip from victory's cup

We just teach these things and teach them well
So that in each of us, God might dwell
Everything that is true knows God's own touch
This point cannot be pressed upon too much

Training up our children on lessons, they'll grow
So that the love of God is what will best flow
Obeying God is the path of best consequence
Imparting this is the of the strongest relevance

From ignorance to the ways of true wisdom
Is the path of encouragement in this kingdom
Resting in the Lord ever so very patiently
Is the walk we need taken for you and me

Confession is the opening of purest hearts
That we might find that Satan must depart
Paying the wages of our wrong doing
And making it God that we are pursuing

Beginning and ending always with prayer
We add to ourselves layer on deeper layer
Asking only for our blessed sanctification
And knowing that it will bring our satisfaction

(c) August 28, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Lavender Bay

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