We Are Who We Are

Ravenfell - Tall Ships
We Are Who We Are
by Michael Doyle

We are who we are
Not from our ancestors
But because of who we cultivate
As our souls travel among the stars

Scratched and scrapped in our courage
Searching for hope we might encourage
To remove the malignant tumor
That spreads like wildfire like a rumor

A company of elves sailed to see
Keeping in close pursuit of evil that must be
Leaving behind the past of sweet secrets
For the glory of the secrets not yet met

The skies grow strange for all to see
As tales of truth are told for free
Speaking of misfortunes yet to come
While the days of battle are over for some

A weight shifts upon the tired souls
Building those that seek to evade control
Sometimes the thing needed to be known
Are by a little touch of darkness shown

(c) September 9, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

A fourth poem inspired by an impression taken from the Rings of Power series.

Muse Isle - Ring Toss

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