The Gospel of A Hard Life

Haunted  Every Single One of Us Has the Devil Inside
The Gospel of A Hard Life
by Michael Doyle

With a pinch and a twist
The Devil takes my wrist
Leading me into temptation
And away from contemplation

At the podium, the preacher talks
About the holiness in which he walks
Defining words by their situation
Somehow arriving at right destination

Calling on things from the past
Letting go of those that don't last
Life takes us by the hand
To teach us what we need to understand

There are nuggets to receive
If we open our eyes to believe
If only we might conceive
The Devil won't deceive

Answer the altar call in prayer
Peeling back each layer
Looking for catches that are not there
We live better walking in love, not in fear

Sensitive to the guidance shown
In all the ways we have grown
We find the laughter, we've forgotten
Living lighter without our sins

Learning to read the room
Walking out past the gloom
We've learned to live our best
In doing this, we learn to pass the test

(c) September 12, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Tropical City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway  - Hopscotch As Tabby Cat Looks On Bemused

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