With A Cup of Coffee

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With A Cup of Coffee
by Michael Doyle

With a cup of coffee, happiness is served
Just another lie brings what is deserved
The weather blows in something strange
Soon it will be that a life will rearrange

Knowing when to step is the secret
Of happy endings never meant to forget
Saying what one thinks and one feels
Is the glue to what truth reveals

The truth of good fiction isn't the plot
It is the knowing of what is best forgot
It's the dreams that are quietly sold
And yet, rarely is it the truth that is told

The crisis we live, repeats like groundhog day
It keeps getting worse day after repeated way
With each misstep, the lessons are learned
In the scars gained and the chances harshly earned

With blinded eye, we see peering into the future
For every moment we have failed to nurture
When crushed dreams crumble in our hands
We reach the point we finally understand

It's in the hopes we live for that we will not stumble
That stop this world from ruin, decay, and crumble
Lived for dreams are the only truth worthwhile
It is our dreams by which we die or live to smile

Otherwise, we burn our world down in flames
A red ruby holds the power of our games
It's in all these things that make us weep
That we find the best dreams that will not keep

(c) September 17, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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