End Game

The Soul's Spring Dream - Family Swim By
End Game
by Michael Doyle

At the base of our society
Is none other than the family
Where better to build a ministry
To make the changes needed for history

It's a struggle in drifting apart
We need to focus on matters of the heart
The stages of life bring hopeful tomorrows
To engender hope instead of sorrows

Everyone has flaws and then some
To find agreement is something awesome
Finding goals and planning together
Is the progression of something better

To know and then to be known
We need to find the love to be shown
Always working to listen in observation
Trusting is built upon that explanation

From this to the dependence and the resilience
Is the best path given in guidance
It's better to be interdependent on each other
Is how we will live and love best together

This sort of splendor is resplendent
The sense of being one, strong in commitment
Standing up in front of God and family
We need a spiritual covenant to love's sanctuary

We need to be felt insistently and much
And to be present in our every touch
It is this feeling that brings intimacy
God's the architect of love's sweet security

Working this system is how to go toward
All of the right things that move us forward
Trust, love, and the traces of true intimacy
Are the push of the pull of our chosen ecstasy

Applying the lessons of life makes the difference
Taking this into play beyond its simple inference
It is a decision that comes from within
Each of us giving our one hundred to be certain

Communication, communication, communication
This is the crux and by all rights, the definition
Of being together, better and lasting forever
This is what it takes for each to be ever so clever

(c) September 18, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
In Your Heart, I Make My Home

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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