Let Justice Be Done

St Catherine's Chapel - Grazed By Heaven
Let Justice Be Done
by Michael Doyle

Let justice be done though the heavens fall
Is a worthy maxim that we all seem to recall
Justice must be done regardless of consequence
It's a powerful construct said with confidence

But let it be remembered that Piso's justice served
Was not justice at all and, in fact, undeserved
By all who paid with a harsh penalty for this ideal
A solid reminder that justice must be kept real

To be kept real, justice must be served in balance
Penalty tendered with mercy provides society's assurance
Or else such justice can only bring the moral wrong
That preys on the weak and succumbs to the strong

Such a sense of justice is riddled full of fatal flaws
That Aquinas and others would never consider true laws
Still, does it matter if the skies should suddenly fall
If Atlas should shrug, would the world stumble to recall

That the whole frame of nature might yet fold and break
If humanity remains lost and caught upon this great mistake
All of life will become hurled into misguided confusion
And what passes for the law will be nothing but the worst illusion

How then does one stand secure amidst a falling world
Where so many wrong-minded notions advance flags unfurled
Into the battle that is the crack of all that might be
If perfect ideals could be found rounded by earthly beauty

In passive and receptive obedience that serves with frugality
In explaining the chains of slavery in terms of their legality
The pursuit of justice is, in all events, something extraordinary
And taken in the sacrifices that must be taken in their necessity

(c) September 21, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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