On the Tipping Point of Stupid

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On the Tipping Point of Stupid
by Michael Doyle

Of all the thoughts on thought contributed
There it is on the tipping point of stupid
The calling of names that should bring shame
Yet, there it is in politics as if a game

Speaking of trickle down idiocy as if that's smart
What happened to the thinker's stop at the start
To take a moment to find the right words to say
Alinsky called on ridicule, now the Left has lost its way

Baited to the ill-fated click, acting media-slick
The talking heads have lost their minds as they pick
Choosing to play the unwinnable role of hateful fools
Instead of arguing facts, rhetoric has lost its rules

It is at best the most questionable sort of strategy
To play on the hands of times and senseless tragedy
To gain election points instead of discussing an issue
And it makes a mockery of bleeding hearts in the milieu

When instead of talking reason, a verbal grenade is lobbed
And there is the evidence needed of the people robbed
No one wins when all that is said goes against the grain
Of the political dialogue needed and all pontiffs are insane

The People are we, not them, and we know so much better
That we are all in this process and in it together
If we are to get through this stormy weather and season
We must insist that those who allegedly lead us do so with reason

(c) September 24, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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