Seasons Shift In Meaning

El Borderlands - Lyric In Sonora (Big Sun)
Seasons Shift In Meaning
by Michael Doyle

In times filled with doubt and question
One certainty stands without hesitation
That as the seasons shift in meaning
These changes influence every human being

Hearts break on the shores of coincidence
In this time seemingly devoid of justice
As phases constructed from Neolithic observation
Are no longer fixed by observation of cultivation

This dystopian pandemic has brought fixation
That some would pass as if humanity's liberation
To find that darkness is the path of woken light
While others still stand knowing wrong is not right

A few still bravely cling to Spring's optimism
And hold to Autumn's romance against Winter's pessimism
Quietly passing by a summer that has lost its hope
Humanity's back is up hard against that last rope

Carefully made plans have changed as if by whimsy
Evidencing the callous truth that life is flimsy
All that was dreamed can with a breath be undone
These challenges make it hard to chase the morning sun

Yes, it is hard to find pleasure in pointlessness
Still, all the same, trepidations require calmness
If we, as a whole, are going to weather this storm
And find our detangled values seeking out the new norm

(c) September 28, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Forgotten - Daylight Fades

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