In Full Stomp (On Satan’s Head)

Haunted  Every Single One of Us Has the Devil Inside
In Full Stomp (On Satan's Head)
by Michael Doyle

Lift the cross and trust in the Father
Though the steps seem sometimes farther
We must walk away from things of enmity
Keeping united to love in all its entirety

Life does come with things that pain
Despite this and all it does contain
There is an echo of reconciliation
That plays its theme of full liberation

God spares us through this pain
Every single moment is not spent in vain
But instead leads up to our redemption
Despite dark ponderings of our contemplation

As if a serpent on its scaly, belly crawling
It is the dust ate from Satan's first falling
Stomped hard is evil's head by the bruised heel
When you speak the fight for all that is real

There are no predictions, only promises of truth
Waiting to be fulfilled from mankind's youth
The fist of God is coming the Devil's way
There are rules by which he and life plays

There is no avoiding pain in living our purpose
We have all come that we might do God's service
And by serving God, we live our lives on the level
It is this or become one of the children of the Devil

Keeping our selves to task and then keeping on track
We are all running but not necessarily the same lap
We must believe in the truth and live out integrity
And to the causes of the Devil give our only enmity

Equipped as we are for the tasks each has at hand
We must keep to the end goals and try to understand
More than companions we are God's good family
Though we seem as if we are burdened with fragility

Our belief in the faith that conquers all of Hell
And to rise up in our choices beyond what we feel
Bringing it on to keep things constant and real
We keep our eyes on the prize and now on how we feel

Swinging for the fence with all that we truly are
Clinging to the path of the truth northern star
The patterns we live require our focused attention
In relying on scripture, we live by our right intentions

(c) October 22, 20222 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Deadman's Island 2020 -Serpent Rises From the Mire

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