In the Tomes of Humanity

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In the Tomes of Humanity
by Michael Doyle

Algorithms of simplicity
Makeup humanity's complexity
With habits easy enough to understand
As the madness takes over as planned

Most waiver between love and pride
Sometimes this happens to coincide
Then there are the exceptions irreducible
That's what's become of the contemptible

Libraries and codices are seemingly inevitable
As AI generates volumes that are incredible
Competitive advantages fill the room
As with each moment, humanity approaches doom

Winner-take-all, is not for the faint of heart
Mankind knows this as from the garden we did depart
We have died countless times and then some more
All to pay the price of the sacred door

This world is one that is built on villainies
Created on the precipice of broken bodies
The brave souls are those who face off with death
Cursing it with a smile and taking our last breaths

All that remains is to open up the door
Facing this truth, we've always sought for
Riding fast and hard, the final battle is begun
This is the real life, as the false one is done

The choice of false promises is still a choice
We count the coup in our best warrior's voice
Humanity's it worth the keeping?
A wise mother asks while openly weeping

All of the pain that overcomes us all
Will it ever be worth it to quietly recall
The victories that have c0me with so much lost
Please tell me, is any of this really worth the cost?

(c) October 27, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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