Inside the Godflow

Viper Isles -Monsteras Fantasy Flowers
Inside the Godflow
by Michael Doyle

Blessed by our confirmation
We are delivered by our affirmation
To honor Christ, coming as we are
Wishing on the hope of the Christmas Star

Leaning in on our faith given in connection
Our prayers tailor fit our meditations
Praying in Jesus' name for our salvation
We keep our eyes fixed on our destination

The circus of someone else can feel like faking
When our lives are actually God's in the making
The space provided to wrestle with God
Can make us uneasy and sometimes feel a little odd

Our blessed assurance is given in grace
As we shyly look on God's face and in His embrace
That the catalyst of faith is found in worship
And to rightly honor at the feet of His Kingship

It's a way of living present in our engagement
Our praise and community comes as encouragement
As we head into our battles every single day
It's through our worship that we make our way

Cornering the market by our joyful noise
Living out the gladness that we cannot avoid
Coming into the presence in all we're bringing
Thankfulness held in the faithfulness we're singing

All God's promises are steadfast in veneration
Thanksgiving received across the generations
Gratitude must be made and kept where is visible
By the family of God, we are made invincible

It isn't in the how that we openly express it
But it is in the how that we choose to address it
It is our service and our singing that roots our souls
Firmly planted deep within the Godflow

(c) November 6, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Luna te Amo - Zen Flows So That Water Might Know

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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