Steadfast Against the Culture

Ethnographic Exhibits of Two Cultures - Pineapple Lights
Steadfast Against the Culture
by Michael Doyle

There are two kinds of believers
Those committed to the Bible and deceivers
Some are guided by the Holy Spirit to aspire
And then there are the carnally minded led by desire

There are two types of ways to walk
Regardless of what the street might talk
It is a choice between trust and obedience
Or the wanton ways of childish disobedience

It's choice of service to God or self, entangled
And equally so their lives are badly mangled
Are we of God or of that carnal, opposing culture
To what measure will each of these will we nurture

Clinging to the truth, and the truth then applied
By steadfastness Christ's ways have lived or died
Living by the Word as it is carefully read
To be meditated on daily as if it is our daily bread

Study these words with serious intent
Believed whole-heartedly as it is Heaven sent
To be obeyed completely by personal observation
So that it might be shared in confident celebration

This life changing path renews life again
It is impossible to follow while living in sin
Otherwise the worldly culture guides our attention
With cultural inferences gaining influence and retention

Gradually winning over our most heartfelt affection
Putting our focus in a worldly direction
To the point that the world dominates conversation
Influencing our customs and dress without just compensation

A godly life is and can be seen in the light of our eyes
Where love, peace, and joy are clear and easy to recognize
It is in these things that we shine our very best
And what distinguishes a true believer from the rest

(c) November 13, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Arranmore 2022

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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