Then Sings My God

Winter Wonderland at Lam 2022 - Lighted Tunnel
Then Sings My God
by Michael Doyle

Dive on in and get off the fence
Live your potential, not your pretense
Go ahead and carry the burden of the cross
It's only for your gain and never your loss

Worshipping in all the iconic spaces
We touch the truth God embraces
Breathtaking as His presence draws near
We lean in to follow Bethlehem's Star

Not side-stepping or trying to get around
All the slipping situations that we've found
We must push and reach to fully understand
The holy engagements fully in their demands

Worship is the soul goal of our theology
Deserved as it is by cause of His divinity
Showing up in the better parts of everyday
Anchored in His glory, in living moments, we pray

In Jesus's name, we issue a proclamation
To follow up in full substantiation
Rising against circumstances with righteous indignation
The resolve needed needs no further explanation

We are resolved to worship in right attitude
Filled with the life service of our gratitude
Under all conditions, our light shines through
Rising to our standards in all that we do

In every moment saying yes, never refusing
To trace the heart of God and never losing
The grace given continues to remain sufficient
It revives our souls and is in no way deficient

For the future goodness of God, we remember our past
Open-ended in perspective and allowing it to last
In all ways knowing that all things are for redemption
And keeping this in our moments of deep contemplation

Rising up in our faith, believing that our God is good
Our perspective keeps us well this is it is understood
Keeping out of faces but putting ourselves in others' shoes
To keep this in mind, that they're paying their own dues

Witness what God is doing in the lives of these others
Praying for the attention of the Lord's lessons for one another
The goal is to understand our Lord better at all times
Living this out even when reaching for our ending rhymes

(c) November 20, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Astoria 2022 - Snow Shaker

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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