Ode To Overindulgence

Nostalgia Falls  2020 - Shaded and Sunny In Turkeyville
Ode To Overindulgence
by Michael Doyle

Despite the holiday season being reserved
For the best of things humanity has deserved
Something needs to be said with resplendence
About our communal habits of overindulgence

In the book of life's worst lessons unlearned
Is the soul of this matter fully discerned
Somewhere between multiple turkeys and pumpkin pies
The binge is on to pad the calories on our thighs

There we sit in our unloosened sweats and jeans
Believing we're eating happiness in our American dreams
No one dares to disturb this consumptive jubilation
After all 4000 calories leads the way to our celebration

Let it be remembered how this habit started
Though these bleakest of times have long since departed
But the feasts were once the days no one went to be hungry
And that my friends is a cause of joy and not to be angry

Eating has become a social matter of much given pleasure
Each morsel a memory that we will somehow always treasure
Let's kept it known that eating with others makes food better
There is an intrinsic value measurable in feasting together

A calculated bit of hedonism there in it's disinhibition
Of joy, pleasure and overindulgence in it exhibition
Don't ever let a stomachache dampen the festive spirit
But instead build the memories and then then never forget it

Studies worldwide have shown a few extra pounds per human being
Will not lower the happiness or wellness of our well-being
Living with balance and letting love lead us along the way
This is the path of getting through best on the holidays

Along with the feasting let's add the thanks to this day
Losing the feasting next and keeping gratitude in every way
Don't beat yourself up as you begin to build this foundation
But rather make a plate of happiness enjoyed without explanation

(c) November 26, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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