Burning Down Our Idols

Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter 2022 -Candlelight Spotted
Burning Down Our Idols
by Michael Doyle

In our desire for deepening connection
Each of us worships in our own direction
Fixated with our paths of our obsession
The things we dwell on take their possession

There is the compromise of our aspiration
Which becomes the conformity of our dedication
We worship the idols formed by our admiration
And we keep them in the fullness of our cultivation

Attaching power in this path of ideology
We grasp at the worse of false theology
As seek out comfort in our tainted symbology
In hope it will foster our prosperity

Our idols take on their own sorts of significance
Held in admiration, this becomes magnificence
Each of us dances in our own form of swagger
That carvers its part in us like a dagger

Where our eyes are is the path of our legacy
The sacrifice of ourselves should be our dignity
We must give to God the fullness of our everything
Is the entirety of us, that to our Lord we must bring

There is a blessing and curse in our free will
To worship or not the God who has paid our bills
As for me an mine we will love the Lord fully
Of our hearts, souls, and minds, focused loyally

All things in heaven and earth are and were created
So our existence should be understood as dedicated
Our Lord God belongs on the thrones of our hearts
Never letting our focus waive or ever depart

All of creation is in its artful adoration
The wholeness of the true God's sainted creation
In all of us, let us live as altars magnified
In the hymns of Christ, let His praises be deified

(c) November 29, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter 2022 -  Off To A New Adventure

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